Q. Does it matter what type of Dysautonomia I have?

A. No any type. It doesn't matter if you have POTS, OI, NCS, PAF, MSA, or any other form. As long as you have a diagnosis that falls under the banner of Dysautonomia you are welcome to participate.


Q. Does it matter what sized foot I have?

A. No. The shoes will be made in a large size to accommodate as many people as possible. If you have tiny feet think of it as playing dress ups like when you were a child. If you have large fit they may fit perfectly. The shoes represent a fantasy. They represent magic and fun. 


Q. I am in a wheelchair, can I still participate?

A. Yes. It doesn't matter if you are in a chair, use a walker, a cane, or are currently bed bound. The only limit is you imagination. You can wear them on your feet, or on your head. You can wear them getting your saline IV, at the gym, in a waiting room, on a unicycle, or whilst riding an elephant. Creativity is key. What is important is being silly and impractical. To embrace the pure joy of silliness. To suspend reality and just live for a little while.


Q. I am a guy, can I participate?

A. Yes. If I get expressions of interest from men I will source a pair of Blundstone boots (workmanís' boots) and glitter them up. Or you are welcome to wear the heels. It's all fantasy. As I said above the only limit is your imagination.


Q. What about my privacy if I give up my address?

A. Addresses will be known by 3 people. Myself; as coordinator. The person that sends you the shoes. And, the person you send the shoes onto. Photos will be identified by city, state and country and participants by first name only.


Q. What about raising awareness?

A. Part of the project is about raising awareness for Dysautonomia, although joy is the main aim. It can be as simple as using the shoes as a conversation starter. Letís face it, if you are riding the reclining bike whilst wearing a pair of bright red heels someone is going to ask you why. Or you can contact various media outlets to alert them to the project and why you are participating. Information for press releases and the like will be provided on the website once things are up and running.


Q. What about sponsorship?

A. Sponsorship would definitely make it easier for the project to go forward, as there will be costs involved. If you know of a company who may be interested in sponsoring the project please give them the contact details.